Laura Farrell
Artist Statement
Creativity runs through my veins, it has since I was a child. It has before I was a child, likely before I was created. We are infact all made up of the same materials, stardust. Through my art I am ever searching for ways to reveal truths about our lives, things that exist but we can not see or do not recognize. Painting for me is pensive and meditative and my work reflects that. Our lives have become so hectic we often cannot slow down to appreciate the awesomeness of the world we live in. The materials (gold leaf, mica flakes, natural clay) reflect the earth and the cosmos. I explore physics and universal equations and turn them into something we can visualize. There is a connection between all of us, between everything in our universe and beyond. We are connected to something greater and if my work can produce even the smallest amount of wonder or curiosity I have done my job. 
-2007 Featured Artist/Solo Show, The Muse, Frederick MD
-2007 Group Show/Fundraiser, Autism Speaks
-2008 Group Show/Fundraiser
-2012 Featured Artist/Solo Show, Twisted Vines, Arlington VA
-2014 Erase Hate With Art/Juried Group Show, Columbia Center for the Arts MD
-2015 Erase Hate With Art/Juried Group Show, Columbia Center for the Arts MD
-2015 Featured Artist Downtown Frederick Art Walk 
-2015 September Awarded ‘Special Recognition’, open themed art competition, Light, Space, and Time Online Gallery
-2015 September/Group Show, ‘The Animals’, Contemporary Art Gallery Online, Annapolis MD
-2015 Group Show, Project Postcard, New Mexico State University
-2015 Artomatic
-2016 DCAS Willow Street Gallery Group Show
-2016 Torpedo Factory Group Show
-2017 Juror's Choice, SouthWest Art Magazine
-2017 Hera Hub DC Solo Show
-2019 DCAS Willow Street Gallery Group Show
-2020 Art Impact USA, 'What is Hanukkah' online exhibition